Project Reports

Participate project deliverables on Business Modelling, Design and Evaluation, and Market Research available for download.

Business Modelling

Picture of Now 2006
Katharine Stynes, Adrian Woolard, Gil Kahana (BBC)

A series of reports of primary themes of pervasive / ubiquitous computing, mass participation and the environment. This was produced through partner workshop and desk research covering business / technology / market research of current landscape. The following reports have been produced to inform the project teams, the partners and the wider industry.

Executive Summary 2006Download  main image
An overview document & great introduction to the three key themes

Presentation 2006 Download  main image
An overview presentation to the Picture of Now Study

Mass Participation Review 2006 Download  main image
Looks at participation, participatory media and the longer-term implications of increasing rates of participation in creative activities

Pervasive Computing Review 2006Download  main image
Looks at the current state of pervasive technologies, the components that provide support for ubiquitous services and identify barriers for mass use

Environment Review 2006Download  main image
Looks at issues related to ‘environment and environmental’ in areas of physical and social sciences with particular relevance is placed on media and technology

Appendix 2006 Download  main image
Lists all 130+ projects / initiatives reviewed as part of the research.
For links to more information on these projects and services and related areas see the (800+) bookmarks at: http://del.icio.us/BBC_at_Participate

Interactive Timeline 2006 Download  main image
Shows all projects reviewed as part of the research.

Design & Evaluation

User Research into mass participation events and campaigns 2006
Luciana Baptista, Anne Fairbrother, Adrian Woolard (BBC),  Sparkler Research

In March 2006, the BBC commissioned research agency Sparkler to produce a qualitative study into user context, motivations in mass participation events and campaigns. The brief was to understand: the context of people's engagement in mass participation events and campaigns, the motivations and needs in order to participate in such events and the role technology and media plays in this.The focus was on location based communities (rural, urban and suburban).

Participate User Research Report 2006 Download  main image

Market Research

Industry Trends 2006
These reports were produced to provide a 'picture of now' of current industry activity for 2006 in the principal technology areas as well as the range of current Environmental projects currently on the web. The report aims to inform the members of the project and act as a starting point for anyone exploring a similar area. The following areas are considered: Internet, Mobile, Television, Positioning technologies, Environment

Industry Trends Report2006Download  main image

Summary of environmental web based projects in 2006Download  main image




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